Self-motivated executive with a proven track record of success and leadership, in both operations and sales management, in every endeavor of my 33 year professional career.  Creating successful new programs, systems and all-new divisions for well established privately held companies.

Entrepreneurial drive, analytical prowess and work ethic has translated into confidence from ownership and boards of directors to allow me the freedom to lead the organizations with autonomy and efficiency, with bottom line performance always at the forefront.

Leadership skills and drive have landed me promotions and appointments in both the profit and not for profit arenas. I have held titles of General Manager, VP, President, and Managing Director of companies with sales approaching 150 million dollars and Chair of the Board of 20 billion dollar industry’s trade association with 10,000 company members.

Personal info

I’m a terrifically lucky man in many ways. In particular, I’ve been lucky enough to enjoy 30 wonderful years of marriage with my lovely wife, Karla. My two grown daughters Zoe and Emma are the joy of my life.

Professionally, I strive to live a ‘high energy’ life. In my eyes, life is too short to live it without giving it everything you have. I appreciate and enjoy the strategic and analytical aspects of my work, but I also absolutely love the daily grind and the immense satisfaction of accomplishment from achieving my goals.

m o t i v a t e d e x e c u t i v e

Work Experience

2005 Current Managing Director Pioneer Balloon Company | Wichita, Kansas

  • Lead, hire, train and travel with 18 of the industry’s best multi-line independent sales reps. Increased company exposure with key accounts resulting in a 60% increase in preferred vendor agreements.
  • Exhibited and managed trade show booth at an average of 75 venues each year. In person sales calls nationwide on average 12 weeks annually. Budgeted travel of 35 weeks each year.
  • Designed digital marketing programs and schedules to maximize exposure with new and established clients. Increased clicks and leads by as much as 30% a year for a very mature product category.

2002 2005 Account Development Director Pioneer Balloon Company

  • Hit the ground running with aggressive field presence at both major and smaller industry events to reestablish company presence and maximize product line exposure. Travelled approximately 45 weeks each year which resulted in increased sales of 30% - largest increase in company’s history.
  • Revamped field representation by turning 75% of the sales force and territories in the first 2 years; engaging the leading and arguably best organizations and sales reps the industry had to offer. Increased new customer count by 20%.

Professional Involvement

2014 2016 Executive Committee and Board Chairman Promotional Products Association International

  • Culmination of 10 years of volunteering. Advocating for industry at various events and member visits.
  • Lobbied on Capitol Hill for and against legislation that impacted our members.
  • Spoke at national and regional industry events.
  • Involved in strategic planning and budgeting activities for the association.


BSBA 1986 Marketing Ohio State University

  • Optimum time to experience and learn at what had just become recognized as a renowned college Marketing Department.
  • Leadership skills tested and honed from almost always taking the primary role in group projects in all of the higher level classes.
  • Gained an appreciation of and took full advantage of the practical knowledge from the professors and thought leaders who were having real success in the private sector through consulting with high profile organizations, as well as being published.
  • Case studies and assignments were focused on very recent and current challenges, trends and opportunities in real businesses, with top and bottom line goals always the determination of a good plan. Laid the groundwork for my attention to the bottom line as a sales and marketing executive.

Me in Action

Me speaking at PPAI Awards
With Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright
With PPAI CEO/President Paul Bellantone
Chats at PPAI Awards
Heading for the surf
Pre-beard sit down with Tim Andrews, ASI Pres & CEO


Communication + Writing

Interpersonal Communication (1:1)

Small Group Sales Presentations

Consultative Sales

Speaking on industry Topics

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Work should be fun. It's how we spend our days or weeks or months and a good portion of our lives. But business, it can be hard. It can be heartbreaking and destructive. It can be

For the past 18 years, I've budgeted myself out in the field 35 weeks each year. Early on, it was apparent that the company had somewhat lost touch with the market. From a non-cust

In my role, it's been more about asking for the opportunity than the order. Sure, once we have the quote on the table, you need to ask what it will take to get the order. But many

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Running wherever I visit is how I prefer to explore a city.

I enjoy work travel but nothing beats traveling with my wife and kids.

Several of my best ideas have come from my hiking adventures.

My wife and I can never get enough of live music in beautiful spaces.

I've developed a taste for great foods, still working on making it myself.

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